Our Property Management Services

Everyone loves to talk real estate - RE/MAX Extreme is your trusted voice for Property Management.
Is it possible to manage your own investment property?
Are you:
• Saving/spending money by not paying management fees
• Receiving phone calls and emails from tenants 24 /7
• Arranging maintenance and trying to solve tenant’s problems in your own time.
• Updating your property knowledge about current legislative requirements, laws, land-lords rights and obligations.
• Working out your tax implications, returns or claimable items.
• Maintaining your asset to match the current market.
Can you achieve a maximum return on your investment in any market?
Consider engaging a professional Property Management Expert. RE/MAX Extreme co-ordinates every aspect of Property Management delivering to our landlords and tenants a stress-free experience. Every stage of the leasing process is check listed which ensures our clients requirements are fulfilled to their satisfaction. With our continual communications and our personalised professional service there is no one better to manage your investment than RE/MAX Extreme.
RE/MAX Extreme’s Property Management Services includes:
• An experienced registered Property Manager dedicated to your investment to reduce vacancy times, tenant management and comparable rental properties
• A consultation to determine your objectives and your requirements
• A property assessment to ascertain the best possible rent return
• Property condition reports and detailed routine inspection reports containing photos
• Target marketing of your investment (signboard, RE/MAX Extreme office digital display screens, newspaper advertising (if necessary), prospective tenant database, internet advertising with professional photography on all major real estate websites)
• Tenants 24/7 booking system
• Relevant State legislative documentation completed
• Instant electronic updates from all viewings/home opens
• Arrange regular property appraisals and asset management reports
• Rent collection – disbursement of accounts to landlord, trades and creditors
• Arrange routine maintenance, repairs and payment of accounts (Water and Council Rates)
• Representation at tribunal hearings and the collation of relevant documentation
• Regular communications throughout the term of the lease
• Electronic monthly statements
The RE/MAX Extreme Property Management team have multi-faceted skills to perform seamlessly together. We collaboratively work with you towards a mutual outcome that delights our clients. Priding ourselves on delivering expert advice and a guaranteed quality service you will have all your needs covered with complete peace of mind.  - Working with you to bring the best results